Leo Maritime is a company committed to making a difference. We provide first-class services and products that are kinder to our oceans, as well as enhancing the performance of the vessels that sail on them. We believe that making the change to less harmful solutions shouldn’t be more expensive and it is our mission to offer not only competitive prices but also to make significant long term savings in operational costs after switching.

With pressure mounting from consumers, as well as governing bodies, it has never been a better time to make a change for good.

Leo Maritime is here to supply solutions from specialists who want to make a difference. All proven, environmentally friendly, high performance, compliant and budget friendly products compared to traditional alternatives.

We offer services such as real time oil performance monitoring solutions, environmentally friendly fuel treatments, environmentally acceptable lubricants, SPS Technology, cruise and ferry interior refurbishments, engineering, planning and design, supply and installation of BWTS and Scrubbers as well as much, much more.

Website: leomaritime.com
LinkedIn: Leo Maritime