Frequently Asked Questions

NorthernLight is a US based, PCR “AA” Rated insurance company. 

MARISTELA is underwritten by NorthernLight. 

MARISTELA arranges and pays for the Survey if the quotation is prima facie acceptable. We believe this to be the most equitable approach for all parties.

Yes – MARISTELA believes the quality of a vessel depends on the approach by Management – as the saying goes a “fish stinks from the head down”. The conditions of MARISTELA are in clear easily readable print – we do not believe in “small print” to hide behind non-payment of valid claims. We therefore ask Assureds to complete our Management Questionnaire and risk enquiry form. This will greatly assist us in understanding our Assured’s approach to operating. MARISTELA believes it is only correct for underwriters to gain a solid understanding of how each Assured operates and manages their vessels. In gaining this understanding, it will formulate the foundations for long stable relationships which are for the benefit of all – building trust and care for our Assureds is important to MARISTELA’s philosophy.

We want to keep the employment of lawyers to be the last resort. Whilst MARISTELA has the highest regard for the legal profession, MARISTELA recognises that the use of lawyers should be the last resort as they are often confrontational in approach and often are both time consuming and expensive. MARISTELA prefers to sit round the table with the Assured and his broker to discuss the situation and try to resolve any misunderstandings in an amicable and friendly manner with the view of maintaining the relationship.

MARISTELA can only offer the service and pricing by keeping a close eye on costs. Therefore, where possible, we will source “Class” approved reconditioned spare parts. Indeed keeping a watchful eye on costs is part of MARISTELA’s philosophy particularly as we wish to ensure legitimate claims are paid without undue delay.

We believe in LOF and especially the importance and right of the Master to be in complete charge. We are in discussions with a leading salvage company to offer Assureds the comfort of knowing in advance, if required, emergency contact details of our approved favoured salvor. After the services have been completed, in the spirit of MARISTELA, we will discuss face to face with the salvor his remuneration on a case-by-case basis. This approach will also avoid costly and timely arbitration to the benefit of all parties. In order to reward completion of the questionnaire, it is our intention to grant premium rebates based on completion of the questionnaire.

We will encourage our surveyors to make use of thermal imaging. We believe thermal imaging can play a tremendous role in risk management and risk prevention – as the old adage goes “prevention is better than a cure”. It will play a positive role towards eliminating any discussions surrounding “wear and tear“, prior to any occurrence.

Yes, we will use English law and a common law jurisdiction.

Claims and how insurers respond to claims are the Hands-on approach we can try and ensure a first class service whilst at the same time keeping a careful eye on expenses. Claim expenses, if not carefully controlled can cost insurers in excess of 40% of all claims. In order to keep premiums low and to pay valid claims without fuss, as with all business we must watch the costs. This way makes both our clients and our principals happy.

Yes, subject to having claims control, which is standard practice in these circumstances.

Yes, it is important to build trust and mutual respect.

Please contact us directly or via your broker.

Yes we aim to give you an efficient and timely service. In the event of a disaster we can also provide media response support.

(i) It makes sense for Underwriters to be more engaged in the disclosure process, and they should ask questions during the risk presentation, rather than after the loss has occurred. This will assist in paying your claim.

(ii) Maristela wants to recognise Operators who adopt a positive approach to Human Behaviour and its role in risk mitigation which combines with a positive approach to CSG and mental health at sea.

(iii) Maristela recognises and rewards quality management which helps extend a vessels lifespan which is a positive aspect of ESG at sea.

Marine underwriting is a complex process with a variety of factors such as Human, Technical & Commercial all influencing the process. Using AI will help deliver a consistent and transparent approach. All of which can be shared with you and enable you to benefit. We believe Charterers and Financiers will take additional comfort from our approach.

The use of Thermography will give a real time snapshot of key areas of the vessel’s machinery & equipment to positively help with risk mitigation, risk management and speedy attention to incidents.

We believe the use of 3D printing will help extend the lifespan of the vessel and at minimum cost.