Share your voyages with us!

We believe and value you the officers and crew of vessels insured under Zing. You safeguard the vessels under your care . We wish to hear from you and to share with not only us but with all your fellow colleagues sailing the world’s oceans your stories.

You will find under news stories Wavelength an interesting collection of thoughts and stories and welcome any feed back or thoughts you might care to share via Wavelength. Naturally we cannot publish any disrespectful or unpleasant material and any such material will be reported to the company.
We want to introduce you to various others such as the brokers involved in Zing in the underwriters, the operators and of course your captains and chief engineers.

We all recognise that accidents are caused by us not by the machines . One of the key goals of Zing is to help reduce accidents , to play our part in keeping you safe we benefit ourselves as they say it is a win win situation.

We will include various articles regarding keeping yourself safe.