Marine Insurance is about reputation and the key element is about paying claims promptly and efficiently.

Maristela asks in-depth questions at the underwriting stage rather than after the casualty.

We believe in being proactive not reactive and bringing innovation to problem solving.



About Us

Maristela is a unique and innovative new underwriting agency, focusing on vessels over 15yrs of age.

Maristela has been created by Jonathan Jones backed by NorthernLight, who have recently become AA- rated by the Pacific Credit Rating agency (PCR).

NorthernLight, is an insurance company which has the ability to be innovative and to adopt new technology without legacy and resistance to change.

The Maristela team is led by Jonathan L Jones (JLJ), recognised as a veteran who has nearly 50yrs of innovation in the insurance market. JLJ firmly believes in adopting technology to disrupt and radically improve the ability of the insurance industry to offer resilience and sustainability to shipping, the glue of the global logistics industry.

The philosophy of Maristela is based on a combination of “Utmost Good Faith”, which reflects time honoured values and traditions coupled with “Truth”. Marine insurance, as often said, “is more an art than a science” recent advances in technology with the ability of AI, to analyse the myriads of data readily available and useable in real time. The use of technology will bring greater transparency and efficiency to underwriting reassuring regulators auditors and shareholders.

The Maristela team are experienced and knowledgeable individuals, with many years of experience not only in marine underwriting and claims resolution but in a broad range of business activities in the shipping industry, which gives Maristela a breadth of understanding and knowledge.

The respect and recognition of "human behaviour & risk management" has proved difficult to consistently evaluate and reward.

The Marine Underwriting Reimagined, is the use and adoption of analysing 3 key components;

  • Human Behaviour & Risk Management
  • Technical Aspects of Vessels
  • Commercial Underwriting

Augmented by AI to enable:

  • A consistent and mathematical approach.
  • A transparent understandable rational for Assureds
  • A clear recognition of quality
  • A Reward for quality
  • The use of technology to mitigate risk and assist risk management
  • The use of Technology to reduce inefficiencies and costs in administration

The number and variety of questions underwriters require to keep in mind, when insuring a fleet or even a singleton, are numerous. It is simply an impossibility for the human brain to analyse and process the volume of data, consistently.

The Triangle offers Brokers and the Assureds, but also Regulators & Auditors, the ability to understand the complex decisions required in marine underwriting.

The use of the AI with support from VULCAiN Ai supports a consistent multidimensional approach whilst allowing flexibility as follows:

  1. Offers brokers a unique tool to share with Assureds, the rationale of Maristela to clearly see that certain activities will be recognised and rewarded.
  2. Disrupts conventional underwriting which has proved consistently to fail, such failure, is to no one’s long-term benefit.

Maristela & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): "The profit motive of a Shipping Company, coupled with the proper development of individuals, has historically been poles apart. However, investing in soft skills will give greater efficiency, resulting in maximum economy, whilst achieving greater satisfaction for the individuals and importantly will increase crew retention".

Marketing Overview

We believe in recognizing quality shipowners and transparently rewarding them, whilst at the same time encouraging others to climb the quality ladder. We have developed in cooperation with “VULCAiN Ai” ( and with owners, classification societies, surveyors and lawyers, the Enhanced Marine Underwriting Triangle combining Human Behaviour – Technical – Commercial aspects. The use of AI enables a consistent and transparent approach to underwriting.

We believe in the application and use of Technology to offer e-commerce, AI, Thermography, use of satellite technology, 3D printing and databases supporting due diligence & KYC. To uniquely offer support via our "Associates & Friends" to offer "Affinity" services.

For Marine Underwriters, one of the keys to successfully developing their account is communication with all the parties involved.

We believe a serious proactive approach makes sense. The benefits of a team with comprehensive knowledge, who are hands-on and who adopt the "can-do" approach cannot be over emphasised.

As with auto insurance, we recognise the most important aspect in risk mitigation and management is the driver and owner of the vehicle, not the age.

By helping to prolong the life of the vessel, we are helping to achieve ESG goals in not using additional energy to scrap the vessel or needlessly building new vessels which creates substantial carbon emissions.

Meet the Team