MARISTELA is a policy designed to provide the assured with insurance cover for hull and machinery, which combines effective risk management with a claims service which is both fast and economical.


  • Risk Management
  • International Hull Clauses
  • Mediation Clause
  • Claims Protocol
  • Claims Management
  • Security Facility

Risk management

When placement of the risk is being negotiated MARISTELA have a dedicated team of marine specialists to assess the risk to ensure that the cost of insurance and the cover available properly reflects the risk being placed. A risk management inspection clause has been introduced not only to assist MARISTELA in assessing the risk but also to provide the assured with loss prevention advice. The cost of the inspection is borne by the assured but will be repaid in the event cover is granted.

International Hull Clauses 1.11.2003

The International Hull Clauses are based on the Institute Time Clauses which are well known throughout the marine industry. They have been tried and tested for over 110 years. The International Hull Clauses have gone a long way towards becoming more user-friendly which is why they have been chosen for use here. The version of the clauses used here has been amended to suit the needs of both the assureds using MARISTELA and the Underwriters.


In the unlikely event of a dispute under a policy the costs of settling such a dispute is often costly and the process is slow. MARISTELA promotes the use of mediation, a process that is now actively encouraged by the legal establishment in the UK.

Mediation is designed to be activated only in the event that negotiation between the parties has been genuinely exhausted thus encouraging the parties to reach a solution between them.

Claims Protocol

This is a key feature of MARISTELA in that it provides a speedy and efficient claim settling procedure. In the event of a casualty the assured will want to know as quickly as possible whether or not the claim is covered and to what extent it is covered. The assured will also maintain cash flow through a very difficult period. It is also in everyone’s interest to reduce the costs of claims handling when adjusters and surveyors have to be used.

MARISTELA provides a timetable for the handling of a claim from the date of loss to final settlement. It provides contacts for MARISTELA, the broker and the adjuster all of whom would be available to assist the assured in handling the claim.

MARISTELA details terms of reference to adjusters that will reduce costs and allow for the swift settlement of claims. Indeed, MARISTELA will be responsible for instructing the adjuster and the adjuster’s performance will be strictly monitored to ensure that the best possible service is provided. The adjuster’s fees will be paid directly by MARISTELA, unless the assured appoints the adjuster. In those circumstances the assured will be responsible for the payment of the fees and those fees will not be collectable under the policy. The assured is therefore advised to consult with MARISTELA before appointing an adjuster. Provision is also made for interim payments to be made by MARISTELA directly to repairers, thus not tying up the assureds funds during a very difficult time. MARISTELA believes this facility will be of particular interest to our Assureds financiers.

Claims Management

MARISTELA has a dedicated team of technical and legal advisors available to assist the assured with any problems encountered in handling their claim.

MARISTELA surveyors are briefed to assist the assured where needed in dealing with problems including negotiating with local repairers and advising on how the repair might be carried out in the most efficient and cost effective manner. The reporting procedure under MARISTELA will accelerate the final claim settlement process.

When a claim has been agreed, MARISTELA will notify the assured as soon as the claims endorsement has been signed thus authorizing collection of the claim by the broker.


The emphasis that MARISTELA places on claims handling makes it an efficient policy. Maximum claims efficiency combined with a high standard of expertise provides the assured with more than just a policy of insurance. With MARISTELA the assured is investing in a service upon which he can rely when it really counts.