Quotations will be based on the following details but maybe amended upon the completion of the survey report. Please answer each question fully.

  1. Owning company

  2. Current Managing Company (s)

    1. Address
    2. Telephone Number
    3. Fax
    4. E-mail
  3. If the managing company has changed since the vessel(s) to be insured were acquired
    by the owner, please also give the details of the previous managing company(s), the
    date the management changed and the reasons for the change of management.

  4. Assured’s 5 years claims record including sold and or lost vessels (gross figures), Current Insurers with terms, conditions, deductible and rating level

  5. ISM. Name of designated person(s) and certifying authority.

  6. Vessel details including

    1. Name and IMO number
    2. Year Built/Grt/Dwt
    3. Current and proposed flag and class
    4. Type of Engine
  7. Name of P&I Club

    1. Date vessel acquired and purchase price
    2. Details of crew – Nationality.
    3. Details of Maintenance programme, Chartering and trading arrangements, Cargoes to be carried.
    4. Mortgage providers/amount of mortgage